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All students of RWTH Aachen University will receive an RWTH e-mail address with their registration and activation in Identity Management via the ConnectMe coupon procedure. This e-mail address has the form The e-mail address is used to inform you as a student about news concerning your studies. This way the central university administration as well as your lecturers and fellow students can reach you easily.

Employees of RWTH Aachen University usually receive an official e-mail address from the respective organizational unit. This usually takes the form lastname@[institut] However, deviations are possible.

You can retrieve your RWTH e-mails via the RWTH Mail App using your browser, or you can use an e-mail client. The password for your e-mail address, if it is linked to your user ID (usually from123456 on), can be changed easily by yourself in the Selfservice under the "RWTH Service" account.

The access to your RWTH e-mail address is done with your user name in the form and your RWTH service account password.

Instructions for setting up e-mail clients can be found on IT Center Help:

Private e-mail address:

Official e-mail address: